The school with a Difference . . . Motto: With God, All Things Are Possible . . .


Learning is an aspect of everyone's day-to-day activity, we learn, whether consciously or unconsciously. Education is as old as man himself; formally or informally. For a very long time now, we have embraced and attached more importance to formal education because it introduces us to new ideas and innovations. And sail us away from primitivism, now we are gradually leaving the path that brought us this far.

The common complain, 'the standard of education in the country has greatly fallen', gradually, has found a living place in the hearts of my average countryman. Students and parents point fingers to this fact and claim it is the reason, even when it is clearly their own failures. As a result, the essence of learning has long been neglected by parents and students alike. We however have designed a strategy to bring back the old landmark and make both the parents and the students see learning once again, as it is. It is certain that this cannot be reversed in a day, month or even year, but every day, we build the confidence in the children that they need to take the right step towards making things right; teach the ones that are coming ahead, to continue from where these ones have stopped, we hold a strong tradition that revolves around change. And we believe that the change we here speak about, will only come to stay if we allow it begin with us.

That is what we teach our students here, coupled with moral discipline as reinforcement.

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